Mental Health Workshop

Workplace Mental Health

Provides a range of toolboxes, learning labs and workshops on topics supporting a mentally healthy workplace.


For individuals and couples seeking improvements in their sense of wellbeing.


Support services when reducancies are occurring.


Employee Assistance Programs provides confidential counselling funded by the employer for the benefit of employees.

Strategic Workforce Development

“You deserve better to feel happier, relaxed, and enjoying life”

Focusing on individuals Strategic Workforce Development aims to listen, support, and provide guidance in improving wellbeing. Our psychologists utilise researched methods and practical interventions such as cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, mindfulness and hypnotherapy to bring about a positive change.

Substantial experience in the areas of depression, anxiety, relationships, stress, grief, lack of confidence and self-esteem.  Doesn’t fall into this?  How about career guidance or anger management – the range of symptoms and causations are wide – time to make a change?  Make the commitment and give us a call 08 9403 4900 or email

Strategic Workforce Development also provides a range of workplace mental health services supporting a psychologically healthy workplace. Services include mental health training workshops, toolbox chats, learning labs, guest speakers, critical incident debriefing, Employee Assistant Programs ( EAP ) and outplacements.

“Working with organisations to provide a psychologically healthier workplace”.

Strategic Workforce Development is accredited or members with:

QA 9001
Australian Psychological Society ( APS )
Employee Assistance Professional Association of Australasia ( EAPAA )
Australian Institute of Management ( AIM )
Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association  ( ANZMH )