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Ability Assessments

Behind the face and qualifications

Strategic Workforce Development firmly believes in only utilizing the most valid and reliable psychometric instruments available.  The range of products used are generally only accessible to  fully qualified professional psychologist.  By applying knowledge, experience and training, these specific instruments target and achieve a high degree of validity, reliability, test development, scaling and norming. 

Tailored Assessments
The range of world class assessments used are tailored to meet your needs whether it be from a simple work skills test to a highly detailed ability or personality assessment. We partner with Acer, SHL and PAA to offer a range of world class assessments that are targeted to meet your needs. We offer online, individual, or group assessments addressing such aspects as skills, abilities or personality for specific positions and/or to suit your workplace ethos and culture.  These can be carried out in our office, your office or even in the case of online assessments from the individuals home environment.

Similar the cost of the investment is balanced to suit your requirements and budget.  This allows for a clear costing to ensure you obtain a high return on investment.

Application & Feedback
Assessments vary in their application from one-on-one to group application.  These can be administered in a variety of locations whether it be in your offices or our offices.  One of the great advantages of some of the assessments is their online application.  Therefore if your person has access to the internet the assessment can be completed in any geographical location.

A range of feedback options are also available ie a written overview report, detailed written report, verbal feedback to your manager, verbal feedback to the individual.

Blue collar / white collar; resource / manufacturing sector; junior / senior etc. We offer West Australian experienced personnel to work with you for effective, solution focused outcomes.

Assessment Types
Ability  assessments specifically target the candidate’s potential ability to carry out the various aspects of the job requirements.  They address the verbal and numerical reasoning from the administrative roles, technical staff, management and directors.

Personality assessments focus upon a behavioural style and how a person prefers to work, rather than on ability only. These are generally answered on a Likert scale, ie 1-5 rather than a right or wrong answer. This allows the candidate and the assessor to understand how the individuals personality might affect their suitability for a role.

Leadership  assessments assist in predicting the personality, behaviour and style of the individual’s anticipated managerial performance.

Motivation & Value assessments help in understanding what motivates the individual and what values are seen as important to them.  The suitability of person’s fit to the culture of an organization is often regarded as a key element for successful companies.

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